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Film Shoots & Events 

The Ferris Wheel at the Balboa Fun Zone has been seen in everything

from ABC's The Bachelor to Childish Gamino's 3005, from Fox's The OC to Disney's The 13th Year.

Throw in some grad nights, company parties, and countless wedding photos

and you get the idea that the Ferris Wheel is both fun and photogenic. 


These are just a few examples of the many events that we have held at the Ferris Wheel.

These types of events may require closing to the public and need to be pre-arranged. 


If you would like to plan a filming or photoshoot at the Ferris Wheel, there are three steps:​​

  • Step one is to contact Patrick Moore at

  • Step two (if necessary) is to get permission to film from the property owners. Click here for their email.

  • Step three obtain necessary permits from the City - click hereThis will take you to the Newport Beach City site.  

If you are planning any other type of event and would like to use the Ferris Wheel, just email Patrick Moore


The Ferris Wheel's fees vary ($300 - $600/hr) depending on time of year and time of day. 


**Remember, this is for use of the Ferris Wheel, not the Fun Zone itself.**

Scavenger Hunts

While scavenger hunts are a lot of fun, we are not able to participate in them.

If you want to use the Ferris Wheel in your hunt, you might consider a great photo of the players next to the Wheel.

Our attraction gives beautiful, long rides and we are unable to accommodate the quick "on and off" that most hunts require. 

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