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There are a few options for parking in the area. The easiest are the municipal lots. 

As you come into town on Balboa Blvd., you will reach Palm Street. You will see the first lot on the corner to your left. It is 2 hour parking maximum. For more parking, turn right on Palm Street and you will see the large beach lot ahead. This is all day parking, no maximum time limit. There are a few other, smaller lots in the adjacent areas. Hot weekends and holidays, parking fills up early. 

Try to get here before 10 AM on those busy days. Weekdays are no problem. 

All short term lots and street parking spots in town are metered and accept coins or credit cards. All parking is $1.50/hr. See map of the area, parking lots are in black.

For more comprehensive parking info, click here for the Newport Beach City site.

More questions? EMAIL US. We answer emails after-hours. We are happy to help!

You can avoid parking by hopping on and off the OC Beach Bus Tour.

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